Your Like is Our Fuel






Your Like is Our Fuel, is an interactive installation that merges the physical with the virtual, where digital or virtual experiences link to direct results in the physical world.


With each like in our application, Opel Dion Motors donated to Medecins du Monde Greece the cost of the fuel needed to meet their transportation needs, in terms of personnel and medical equipment, within one kilometre of distance. The application was accessible both from desktop and mobile devices and the result of every individual contribution could be seen, real time, in a virtual car odometer measuring distance in kilometres. In order to raise further public awareness, an installation featuring this virtual odometer was placed at central train station of Thessaloniki. Whenever a new like was detected, at any location, the odometer incremented by one Kilometre, displaying also the facebook username of the contributor. 








Client: Opel Dion Motors

Tools: Raspberry Pi, NodeJS, Openframeworks, PHP Facebook API