Stream Vol. 1







Stream: synergy meeting vol.1: A new initiative for an interdisciplinary artistic dialogue, dedicated to interactivity and man/machine interfacing.


Three short improvisation works – synergies, with performances by Die Wolke art group dancers, interactive visuals by Artefact, and live music. The performers hear and interpret the music, observe the behaviour of the interactive systems, and using their body motion they inform the audiovisual creation anew, through both technological and human interfaces, in an endless feedback loop.







Interactive visuals:  George Palamas and Panos Palantas
Improvised performance: Drosia Triantaki, Foteini Kont, Faedra Charalampidou

Music: May Roosevelt (theremin-electronics), ThomasPetrou (Keyboards, vocals), Iraklis Iosifidis (Electric double bass)

Tools: Openframeworks, Opencv