A Kiss for a Good Cause







A Kiss for a Good Cause. In the heart of Thessaloniki, at Aristotelous Square, residents and visitors had the chance to share a Christmas kiss with their loved ones in the glass pavilion of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.


Each kiss increased the financial contribution of Coca-Cola Hellenic to the long-time work of “Agios Stylianos” Municipal Nursery and got imprinted on a commemorative photo. Those who wished could also share it directly on their Facebook accounts, in order to inspire even more of their friends to join the cause! A big screen situated outside of the Pavilion acted as a special photo album where each new image appeared to fall into the virtual container.








Each photo created in this photographic album corresponded to a personal contribution for the children of St. Stylianos Foundation. For those who wished to send a kiss from afar, the action continued electronically on Coca –  Cola Hellenic’s Facebook page, with digital kisses as a special type of greeting card. Thanks to the warm response and participation of the world, both in Thessaloniki and in the rest of Greece, the sum of 10,000 € was gathered to cover the needs of the children that the Municipal Nursery takes care of.









Client: Coca – Cola HBC Greece

Video: Coca – Cola HBC Greece

Interior Design: Aliki Barzilai

Support: Leonidas Gymnopoulos

Tools: Openframeworks